Hi I'm Mary😊 Alex is the best boyfriend. He's amazing and I love him so much

Dean Winchester throughout the seasons

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Friend: If you had a superpower, which one would you choose?




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the first step to surviving a nuclear apocalypse is having fun and being yourself

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mom, dad, im gay. im very gay. haha tricked you i mean gay as in happy. pretty happy to have another mans dick in my ass

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"I must continue to follow the path I take now. If I do nothing, if I study nothing, if I cease searching, then, woe is me, I am lost. That is how I look at it — keep going, keep going come what may. But what is your final goal, you may ask. That goal will become clearer, will emerge slowly but surely, much as the rough draught turns into a sketch, and the sketch into a painting through the serious work done on it, through the elaboration of the original vague idea and through the consolidation of the first fleeting and passing thought". [x]

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the breakfast club isnt even about breakfast 

you could have at least said spoiler alert

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